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Buyer & Seller Agreements

Knowledgeable Lawyer Assists You with Real Estate Agreements in Parker

Experienced Colorado attorney helps you buy and sell real estate with confidence

Buying or selling residential or commercial property can be an exciting experience. However, without skilled legal representation, it can also be risky. At Parker Lawyers, I protect your rights and interests by helping you draft or review a sound buyer-seller agreement. Over the course of my extensive career, I have learned that comprehensive and clearly drafted real estate agreements minimize conflicts and encourage closings. Whether you are expanding your business property or selling your home, I can assist you in creating an effective sales agreement.

Reviewing disclosure forms

Colorado law requires real estate sellers to disclose certain property-related information before the closing. If you are buying property in Parker, I can review the seller’s disclosure form to ensure the following information is revealed:

  • Whether the property has been used as a methamphetamine laboratory, unless it has been fully cleaned and restored
  • Whether there are any proposed transportation projects that may affect the property
  • Whether the property belongs to a common interest community that requires membership and membership fees
  • The source of potable drinking water for the home
  • Whether the property is in a special taxing district, and where the buyer can go to find out if the property is in such a district

Additionally, if any of the above information is disclosed, I can press the seller’s attorney to find out more information about the issue. Since agreeing on the disclosure form is the first step to developing a successful buyer-seller agreement, it is essential that the seller candidly list as much information as possible.

If you are selling property, I can assist you in drafting your own disclosure or in filling out the state-provided disclosure form. By carefully assessing your property, I can ensure your disclosure is filled out as accurately as possible.

Hiring an inspector

As a buyer, a disclosure form can give you a good idea as to the condition and history of the real estate you hope to purchase, but it cannot replace a licensed home inspector. Remember, sellers are only required to disclose issues they are aware of. If you are buying real estate — residential or commercial — I advise you to have a professional inspector go through the property at least once before you sign a buyer-seller agreement. The trained eye of an inspector may detect hazards, mold, or other issues the owner failed to notice.

Creating a sound buyer-seller agreement

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling a piece of real estate, you must have a well-drafted contract in place. While I am unopposed to using the standard buyer-seller forms provided by the state, I prefer to create original and comprehensive agreements that are customizable to my clients’ needs. Depending on your situation, your buyer-seller agreement may address any number of issues before the closing, including:

  • Were additions and alterations to the property performed lawfully?
  • If the buyer intends on altering the property, are such future modifications lawful?
  • Is there a financing contingency for the buyer?
  • Is there a sale of home contingency clause for the buyer?
  • If the buyer hires a contractor or architect to inspect the property and they find termites, asbestos, radon, or lead-based paint, what happens next?
  • What happens if hazardous waste is found on the property?
  • What are the legal ramifications if the closing does not take place, and where does the down payment go?

Whether you are buying or selling property in Colorado, I take the time to understand your objectives and create a sound and comprehensive agreement that accurately addresses your concerns and protects your investment.

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Parker Lawyers is proud to assist clients with all aspects of real estate law in Colorado. If you require trusted help drafting or reviewing buyer-seller agreements, call 303-841-9525 or contact my firm online to schedule a consultation to discuss your case with me at my Parker office.

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