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On May 5, 1972 the session law that most Colorado attorneys refer to as Senate Bill 35 became effective. The purpose of the law was to provide some degree of control over the unfettered subdividing of land in Colorado. Prior to this date there was very little control over the division of property. This enactment defines subdivision or subdivided land and is set out in more detail in the provisions of section 30-38-101 which defines that a subdivision or subdivided land is any parcel of land in the state of Colorado which is divided into two or more parcels, separate interest or any interest in common unless the subdividing is allowed under other provisions of the Colorado Statues.  The exemptions are set out in detail within 30-28-101. The one that is best known is the exemption that generally allows for the division of land which creates a parcel of land when divided result in new parcels all of which exceed 35 acres. There are numerous other exemptions allowed all of which are very technical in nature. Current versions of the statute provide what a sub-divider needs to submit to the authority.  The application process is detailed and requires the submittal of surveys, site characteristics, the proposed layout, information on the availability of water and the nature of utility services that are available. It is recommended that before engaging in the division of property the landowner should contact the county officials as well as seeking guidance from an experienced land planner or real estate attorney.

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