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There are four types of deeds.

  1. Quitclaim Deed: Conveys whatever interest the grantor has if any. The grantor makes no warranty as to ownership. It does not grant nor does it convey any title after acquired.
  2. Special Warranty Deed: Warrants the title only against title defects during the time the grantor actually owned the property.  This type of deed is different than the general warranty deed by the degree of protection or the level of guarantee that the grantor warrants/promises to the grantee.
  3. General Warranty Deed:  The grantor warrants the title conveyed by the grantor to the grantee of the real property against any defects that existed before the time that the grantor acquired title as well as warranting during the time that the grantor owned the property.
  4. Bargain and Sale Deed:  Conveys the property as well as any after acquired title thereto, as compared to the quitclaim deed that does not grant any title after acquired.  A bargain and sale deed does not create any warranties of title from the grantor to the grantee.
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