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A Good Defense May Rely On The Evidence

There is a lot preparation that goes into establishing a credible defense against a criminal charge. If you are the defendant in the case you will work with your attorney to come up with some version of the truth that will put you in the best light possible. The goal is to make your side of the story seem more convincing than the prosecution’s.

“The truth shall set you free.” This saying may have a somewhat different connotation when used in reference to a criminal trial. The circumstances surrounding a crime are usually not so cut and dried that they are open to just one interpretation. The reason for the crime for instance, can be a point of contention and the defense may be able to claim that the defendant did indeed kill the victim, but that he was protecting his own life by doing so. This would give the defendant an opening to enter a plea of legitimate self defense.

A defense strategy will rely largely on how the prosecution intends to present their evidence. If the prosecuting attorney plans to call a witness to testify that he saw the defendant at the scene of the crime the defense may attempt to challenge the credibility of that witness. He will do a background check to determine if the witness may himself have a questionable reputation which might be cause to doubt the validity of his testimony.

The defense attorney will have the right to ask questions of any of the witnesses that the prosecution produces. He may be able to turn the testimony around by convincing the court that even though the witness can place the defendant at the scene he didn’t actually see him in the act of committing the crime.

Anything that the defense can bring to trial that will make the defendant appear more sympathetic to the judge or the jury will help to establish a basis for acquittal or at least a reduction of the charges against the defendant.

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