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Trouble Finding Answers Legal Questions Call Aurora Attorney

The laws of the land can be tricky to navigate, even for seasoned professionals who dedicate their lives to the interpretation of the laws. So it’s unreasonable to think that you, someone who at best has a passing knowledge of the law, would be able to properly interpret the law into language that you would Read More

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Are You Eligible For Chapter 7?

The bankruptcy “means test” is designed to determine if a person is eligible to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy or if they are more suited for chapter 13. Eligibility is measured by the amount of the person’s income in comparison to his expenses. Subtracting the timely payments for things like his home mortgage and personal Read More

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A LLC Is Specific In Detail

The members of a limited liability company (LLC) are shielded from personal liability much like those of a partnership or corporation in that the business members are not held personally responsible for the debts or demands incurred by the company.  Instead of the business being taxed as a separate entity however, the profits and losses Read More

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Know The Terms Of Your Agreement

When you sign a rental lease you are agreeing to the terms laid out and detailed by the landlord, or the owner of the property that you are leasing.   If you violate any of the conditions specified in the lease agreement you are giving the landlord the right to evict you from the home or Read More

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Define The Terms Of Your Agreement

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more people. Most of us don’t realize that when we accept a job offer or sign a purchase order we are actually entering into a contract of sorts. If one party presents an offer and a second party accepts that offer, you have the beginnings Read More

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Consult With A Legal Representative

Bankruptcy is just one option for resolving financial obligations. It may well be the answer in some situations but experienced attorneys advise their clients to consider all the alternatives before beginning bankruptcy proceedings. If you look at the interest rates associated with debt along with the monthly payments that must be met, it may serve Read More

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Selling A Business Requires Planning For Various Contingencies

If you are a small business owner and have decided to sell, you will need to be aware of all that may be involved before you proceed. One of the first things a prospective buyer will want to know is why you have decided to sell at this particular time. You will want to be Read More

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Seek Legal Counsel Before Jumping Into A Business Partnership

There are more than a few things to consider if you’re thinking of entering into a business partnership. First of all ask yourself if you really need to do it. In other words, what can another person bring to the table? If you need additional start-up money for instance, or if your prospective partner has Read More

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A Prenuptial Agreement Is Not Just For The Wealthy

A prenuptial agreement is a recognized contract that two people negotiate before they get married. If for instance, one of the partners in the relationship is much more affluent than the other or is the owner of extensive property, he will often ask his fiance for a “pre-nup.” This may be his way of assuring Read More

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A Binding Contract Is More Than Just A Promise

A contract is an agreement between two existing parties. What makes it “binding” is the condition that the provisions of that contract can be enforced under the law. Every jurisdiction operates in compliance with the specific contract laws of their state. If a contract is valid according to the law, penalties can be enforced if Read More

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