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A patsy is someone who takes the fall for a crime. Most times, the patsy isn’t taking the fall for a specific person, but simply because the crime demands justice. Unfortunately, prosecuting a patsy is a far cry from justice. But that doesn’t keep this travesty from happening. If you’ve been accused of a crime that you didn’t commit, then you need an Aurora CO law firm that will have your back.

James T. Anest has years of experience defending the innocent against bogus charges. The fact is, everyone has rights. Even when an actual criminal is brought to trial, there are certain rights that have to be observed. So when you, as an innocent person, get accused of committing a crime, James T. Anest will fight vigorously to make sure that your rights are observed and honored.

With all of the confusing laws that make up our justice system, it would be absolutely foolish to commit your fate into the hands of yourself or a public defender. You need an Aurora CO law firm that has your best interests at heart and who truly cares about what happens to you.

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