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Criminal Defense Attorney Aurora Option

Criminal Defense Attorney in Aurora CO

Criminal defense is an essential part of the legal process. Everyone is entitled to a vigorous defense. Although you may have committed the crime that you have been accused of, there are many other factors that play into your defense. You can’t possibly go through all of the possibilities on your own. You need to have a criminal defense attorney in Aurora CO to make sure that your defense is secure.

James T. Anest has many years of experience in criminal defense. He will listen to you to find out the reason that you committed the crime. There are many possible factors that play into your defense. Did you commit the crime as an act of self-defense? Were you coerced into committing the crime or commit it under duress? Were you intoxicated or in other ways impaired?

All of these things play a very important role in understanding all of the circumstances that went into the commission of a crime. A good criminal defense attorney in Aurora CO can make sure that your side of the story is heard and considered. Call James T. Anest today for a consultation.

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