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If you are the defendant in a criminal case whether it be a felony or a misdemeanor, you need to be represented by legal counsel at all courtroom proceedings in order to be sure that your rights are protected.

The arraignment is usually the first time you will appear in front of a judge. This hearing is to officially inform you of the charges being brought against you and to ask how you plead to them. Bail will also be considered at this time. What you may not know is that the prosecution is obliged to schedule the arraignment hearing within a reasonable amount of time after your arrest. An excessive delay can result in the charges being dropped.

Before you enter your plea you will need to be advised of your options. You should be made aware that at this point the prosecution has simply charged you with the crime, he has not had time to gather evidence against you, so if you plead not guilty he will be forced to do so. At the same time your lawyer will be able to conduct his own investigation and form an appropriate defense.

The only time it may be feasible to plead guilty at the arraignment hearing is when the offense is so minor that the opposing attorneys can negotiate a compromise and the case can be settled to the satisfaction of both parties.

A plea of “no contest” is basically an admission of guilt without coming right out and saying that you committed the crime. It usually is done in exchange for some concession by the prosecution, possibly the opportunity to plea to a less serious charge or a reduction in the sentence.

Fortunately, most of us will go through life never having to experience being arrested for a crime or having to maneuver our way through the criminal court system. But for those who are not so lucky having the support of an experienced defense lawyer can mean the difference between freedom and imprisonment. Parker Lawyers professionals have the skills and determination to advise clients of their rights and guide them through every turn in the legal process. Call the offices @ 303-841-9525.

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