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Filing for bankruptcy can bring a certain feeling of relief. The decision has been made, and with the help of your Elbert County bankruptcy lawyer, you can be on your way to being free from debt, and harassment.

If you had been facing foreclosure on your home, that threat will go away once you’ve filed for bankruptcy. It will give you a chance to make up for delinquent payments, but it will not relieve you from your responsibility for a mortgage loan.

Any asset that had been repossessed before you were able to file, will be returned to you, and creditors will be ordered to stop any attempts to garnish your wages, or otherwise attempt to collect payment. If your utilities have been cut off, they will be re-activated.

You may believe that some of your creditors are asking for more money than you actually owe them. You will be able to object to any claims that you feel are unjust.

You can trust that your Elbert County bankruptcy lawyer will be by your side during the process, to offer explanations, and advice at every turn. Call parker lawyers @ 303-841-9525.

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