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Falsely Accused Crime Call Aurora Criminal Defense Attorney Today

Once a crime is committed, the forensic teams do the best they can to decipher the evidence and make an arrest. Unfortunately, sometimes the evidence may lead them down the wrong road and cause them to accuse the wrong person of the crime. If this has happened to you, then you need an Aurora criminal defense attorney with the experience and professionalism that it takes to defend your rights and your innocence.

It can be terrifying to be accused of a crime, especially if you are innocent. James T. Anest will listen to your case with compassion and understanding. He will give you a consultation during which you can plead to him your case. He will take the information you have given him and fight with everything he has to prove your innocence. If the prosecution thinks that they have the right person, then they will do everything they can to send you to jail. But James T. Anest will fight for you and make sure that the court sees your innocence.

Call an experienced Aurora criminal defense attorney today. Let James T. Anest come to your rescue.

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