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Felony Conviction Carries Serious Repercussions

Vehicular assault is a felony crime in the state of Colorado even if there was no implication of intent. The charge applies to the driver of any type of motor vehicle who has caused serious injury to another person due to reckless driving or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A defendant who is found guilty of vehicular assault will automatically lose his license to operate a motor vehicle and will most likely will be facing a prison sentence. Obviously this is a serious charge that can only be defended by an attorney experienced in the intricacies of the laws that apply.

The initial meeting with your attorney will be to discuss the circumstances of your case and determine if there is any possibility that the charge could be dropped. He will look into the investigations that the prosecution has conducted to see if there were any mistakes made or details overlooked. Then he will start his own investigation which will include taking statements from witnesses to the accident, talking to expert medical consultants and taking pictures of the site.

If the evidence against you seems relevant enough to proceed to trial your attorney will prepare arguments to present in your defense. He will challenge the validity of the evidence that the prosecution brings to court and contend that it is not sufficient to prove guilt without reasonable doubt.

A vehicular assault case has long reaching effects for the accused as well as the injured party and their families. One poor judgement call can result in years of suffering and loss for all concerned. A person who has been convicted of a felony in a court of law will forever be haunted by the decision. His criminal record may affect his future chances for employment or his efforts to rent an apartment. He may even lose his right to vote.

Because the consequences can be so life altering having an accomplished defense attorney in your corner can give you a much better chance for leniency. Call Parker Lawyers @ 303-841-9525 to arrange consultation.

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