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Harassment Must Meet Certain Criteria In Order To Be Considered Illegal

If you are having a hard time at work because of an arrogant or overbearing boss, you may have to find a way to cope with it or try to find a different job. Criminal harassment is specifically defined under the Fair Employment Law. It has to be determined that an employer is discriminating against you in particular because of a personal set of circumstances. The tone of the harassment has to pertain to certain aspects of your character, i.e. sex, religion, or age.

Furthermore, the harassment has to be ongoing and serious enough to cause a reasonable person to feel so uncomfortable in his work environment that it affects the efficiency of his performance. Harassment can come in many forms. Language, physical gestures, or illicit pornography are some examples.

Sexual harassment has been prominent in offices and courtrooms across the country in recent years. There are determining factors surrounding the definition of sexual harassment as well. If a job interviewer for instance, makes it obvious to you that accepting his sexual advances will improve your chances of landing the position, he is opening himself up to charges of sexual harassment. Another example would be if a co-worker asks you out. If you decline the invitation and the co-worker continues to pursue you to the point of being intrusive, you definitely have a case of harassment.

Offensive conduct in the office isn’t necessarily confined to executives, supervisors, or staff members. Repairmen, vendors, and even clients can be guilty of behavior that can be seen as harassment by the victim. Service people are in and out of office buildings on a daily basis and have ample opportunity, while clients may feel that they should be able to expect certain favors.

A false accusation of affront can be seen as one more form of harassment. If you have been named as the perpetrator in a case of harassment, avoid the temptation of personal vengeance. Instead seek the advice of a criminal attorney. Call the Parker Lawyers firm @ 303-841-9525 to meet with an experienced professional.

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