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James T Anest Aurora Lawyer Puts

There’s the stigma that a lawyer is lying if his mouth is moving. This is a stereotype that a lot of lawyers seem to confirm, but there are some who valiantly fight to take back the stellar reputation that lawyers used to have. James T. Anest is one of those Aurora lawyers. He cares about you and your rights and will aggressively fight to defend them.

He specializes in many different areas of criminal law, from DUI offenses to misdemeanors to serious felonies. He knows the laws and works to make sure that your rights are observed regardless of the crime you have been accused of committing.

James T. Anest is also proud to represent those who have been hurt, either on the job site or in any other public place. He will always put your needs and your rights above his own. To prove this, he offers a consultation so that he can clearly lay out whether or not you have a case or need representation. James T. Anest won’t let the crooked lawyer stereotype stand any longer. He is an Aurora lawyer who will always put you first.

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