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Know The Terms Of Your Agreement

When you sign a rental lease you are agreeing to the terms laid out and detailed by the landlord, or the owner of the property that you are leasing.   If you violate any of the conditions specified in the lease agreement you are giving the landlord the right to evict you from the home or apartment you are leasing from him.

The eviction process may differ slightly in accordance with state law, but there is a basic order of business that applies.  A termination notice must be issued to the tenant pointing out the reason for the action.  If you haven’t paid your rent for instance, you will receive a “pay rent or quit” notice which means that you have been given a certain amount of time to make up the late payments or move out of the property.

If you have been found in violation of a condition of the rental agreement such as making excessive noise after a specified hour you will receive a “cure or quit” notice demanding that you mend your ways or vacate the premises.

An “unconditional quit notice” gives the renter no leeway other than to comply and vacate, but certain circumstances must apply.  There must have been repeated violations, damages to the property or illegal activities on the part of the tenant in order to dignify the notice.

A landlord does have the right to ask a tenant to leave without having to state a specific reason why.  A “notice of termination without cause” however, must allow the tenant a reasonable amount of time to vacate.  Thirty to sixty days is the average.

If after being served with a notification the tenant makes no attempt to re-compensate or make amends for his actions the landlord can proceed with the eviction process.

Any binding contract should be specific in the conditions that apply to both parties. Parker Lawyers is skilled and experience in all facets of real estate law.  Call the offices @ 303-841-9525 for a personal consultation.

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