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Bankruptcy code, section 321 lays out eligibility requirements for bankruptcy trustees to be appointed by the U.S. Trustee’s Office, which is a part of the U.S. Department of Justice, although trustees are not federal employee

Your Parker CO bankruptcy attorney will know that an interim trustee must live in the legal jurisdiction of the case being heard, and be a part of a pool of qualified candidates, determined by the Trustee’s Office, which is made up of lawyers, or law students, CPAs, or individuals who have earned, or are working on a college business degree. Trustees undergo a background check, including fingerprints, and must be deemed neutral and unbiased, and in no way related to a trustee officer.

If a majority of eligible creditors choose to elect a new trustee at the 341 meeting, the interim trustee will be replaced.

Your Parker CO bankruptcy attorney can explain the workings of the U.S. Trustee’s Office, and which trustee is likely to be appointed to your case. Call to consult: 303-841-9525.

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