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Get it in writing – before issues arise between you and your tenant, set down a detailed list of responsibilities for each of you, and include them in your contract. That way, your tenant will know what is expected of him, and you won’t wind up having to deal with untimely phone calls d

emanding your attention.

You may arrange for traditional monthly payments to be made by your tenant, or you might prefer a different plan. You may want to add a clause stating that you reserve the right to raise the rent on the property, with reasonable notification. Your Aurora attorney can add any stipulations you like, but if you want to attract tenants, you should probably include terms that benefit their best interests.

When it comes to drawing up a legal rental agreement, let your Aurora Attorney, James T. Anest, associate of Parker Lawyers, do it right. You will have peace of mind knowing that your contract was written by a professional, and that all your bases have been covered. Call today: 303-841-9525.

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