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Should you file? Is there another way out? What outcome can you expect? These are all questions for your Elbert County bankruptcy lawyer.

Credit card debt is at the top of the list of reasons to file for bankruptcy. You may have overcharged, or worse, failed to make payments, and find yourself over-extended on one, or several accounts, and in jeopardy of being turned over to a collection agency.

Being laid off from work is always a concern in today’s employment environment. If you miss a paycheck or two, you may get behind on your household bills, and find it impossible to recover.

Job loss because of illness, or disability can lead to a financial fiasco. Medical bills, and costs for hospital stays can be enormous – the kind of debt that typical families won’t be able to manage.

Any one of these situations can put you in line for bankruptcy. Get help with the advice of an Elbert County bankruptcy lawyer. Contact the offices of the professional firm of Parker Lawyers: 303-841-9525.

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