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In regards to the punishment of a crime, there are five main categories of punishments that you should be aware of. If for some reason you think that your punishment does not fit the crime you committed, you should call your Aurora attorney, James T. Anest, immediately. Here are main categories of punishments.

Deterrence: Just enough punishment to try and keep the person from committing the crime a second time, also to discourage others from committing that crime.
Retribution: Making the criminal suffer in the same manner as the victim did.
Incapacitation: Used to keep criminals away from law-abiding citizens
Rehabilitation: Try to reform the criminal so that they can be reintroduced as productive members of society.
Restitution: Essentially to pay bay the victim for the wrongs committed against them.

There are usually many different punishments that fall into each one of these categories. But it’s important that you know all of your rights regarding whichever punishment you were dealt. To make sure that your rights are being observed, make sure that you call your Aurora attorney, James T. Anest, and let him review your case and make sure that you have been treated fairly.

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