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Legal professionals will tell you that the first thing to do after being arrested and charged with dui/dwi is to call a lawyer. You may be thinking that there is little or no chance of successfully defending against the charge but you could be mistaken.

Did the arresting officer have good reason to pull you over? The law specifies that the officer must witness the suspect committing a traffic violation such as running a red light, or actually see him drink from an open can of beer or bottle of liquor. If the officer can’t establish a reasonable cause for suspicion any evidence that he removed from your vehicle at the time of your arrest may be ruled inadmissible in a court of law. In order to prove to the court that reasonable cause was lacking your defense attorney will be allowed access to any video tapes that were taken before the officer intervened. If the manner of your conduct seems appropriate he may contest the arrest and submit to the court that the charges against you be dropped.

What the arresting officer observes to be signs of intoxication may well be something else altogether. Many medications can cause symptoms that imitate the the affects of alcohol. Anti anxiety drugs for instance can cause disorientation or slurred speech in some patients.

Even the results of a breathalyzer taken at the scene as part of a field sobriety test can be flawed. The equipment used may prove to have been improperly maintained and there is always the possibility of human error in the process of administering the tests. It is often impossible for the machine to tell the difference between the alcohol found in some mouthwashes for instance, and that present in alcoholic beverages.

So you see, a dui arrest doesn’t necessarily bring with it an automatic conviction. By enlisting the services of a defense attorney who is experienced in similar cases you will be giving yourself every advantage to present your side of the story in a professional manner.

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