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Summer Can Increase Risk Trouble

Spring is here and summer is soon to follow. Your teenager will be out of school and have more free time on his hands which may make him more vulnerable. Hopefully the worst case scenario will never happen but it doesn’t hurt to be armed with information about what to do if you should get a call from the local authorities informing you that your teenager has been detained.

First of all don’t make the mistake of thinking that the police are sympathetic to your feelings at this point. Their only job is to investigate the complaint and decide on a course of action. At the same time, you shouldn’t assume that your “little darling” is completely innocent of any wrongdoing. Never say never!

If your teenager happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time – say a party that has gotten out of hand – make sure that he knows how to handle himself if he is questioned by the police officers who were called to the scene. He should know of course to keep his cool and be respectful and cooperative. Trying to run away or hide his identity will only make the officer’s job harder which will in no way help the situation.

Your teen should be aware of some basic rights just incase questions start to get too specific or answers could be at all incriminating. Anytime he feels that he is being officially interrogated he should tell the officer in charge that he would prefer to wait for a parent to be called.

When you do get that call is exactly when you should make another call – to your lawyer. Some jurisdictions do not entitle parents to be present while their child is being questioned but everyone has the right to an attorney.

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