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There Are Some Situations That Warrant The Advice Of A Personal Injury Attorney

If you are hurt in an automobile, or some other kind of accident, the first thing to do is to seek emergency treatment, not only for your well being, but for legal purposes, as well.  If your injuries are compelling enough to require hospitalization, causing you to miss work days, or if the damages from loss, or injury amount to a considerable sum of money, you should confer with an attorney who is familiar with personal injury law.

Personal injury lawsuits are civil cases, as opposed to criminal.  They are brought by one private citizen, the plaintiff, against another, the defendant.  The fact is though, that most dissension as to to who was at fault in an accident, and what compensation should be made, is more often than not decided by an out of court settlement.  Your personal injury attorney will represent your interests in negotiations.

An alternative to informal settlement is arbitration.  It is somewhat more exacting, and involves a knowledgeable, and impartial third party, or panel, to be chosen by the opposing sides of the argument.  Both will present arguments to the arbitrator, much as they would do before a court judge, and must agree to abide by his decision.

Before you opt to file a formal lawsuit, or begin any kind of bargaining process, be sure you understand the basics of personal injury law, and whether or not you can prove negligence on the part of the person you are accusing.  An experienced attorney will explain negligence as an irresponsible action, taken by an individual, that causes personal harm, or loss, to another.  A prime example of negligence is the driver who chooses to get behind the wheel of an automobile while impaired by the influence of alcohol, and is involved in an accident, causing in injury to others.  If negligence can be established, the plaintiff may be awarded monetary “damages,” in the form of payment of medical bills, or restoration of personal property.

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