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There Is A Lot To Learn About Obstruction Of Justice

Obstruction of justice can cover a lot of territory. It can be applied to anything from resisting arrest to witness tampering, and it can involve a police officer, a legal course of action, a firefighter or medical emergency personnel. When it involves the proceedings in a court of law for instance, the violation isn’t limited to bribery or personal threats directed to a witness or a jury member. The very physical activity of demonstrating outside the courthouse could provoke a charge of obstruction if it could in any way influence the outcome of the trial.

Any interference in the arrest of the suspect in a criminal case can be construed as obstruction of justice. If you know for example, that the suspect is in your home when the police appear on your doorstep, and you lie to the officers and say that he is not there, you may be charged with obstruction even though you had no part in the crime that the suspect is being accused of.

Withholding information under certain circumstances can translate into a crime. The simple fact that you have knowledge that could possibly alter the outcome of an ongoing trial doesn’t comply you to come forward with the information voluntarily. But, if the prosecutor in the case somehow discovers that you do possess knowledge that can sway a jury in his favor he can issue a subpoena, which is a court order obligating you to appear as a witness for the prosecution. Lying in a court of law constitutes perjury, and the only way you can get around being charged with lying under oath is if you would be opening yourself up to incrimination by testifying.

Since there are so many stipulations that go along with the justification for a conclusive charge of obstruction of justice, it is in the best interest of a defendant to get professional legal advice from an experienced attorney. The attorneys with Parker Lawyers are comprehensive in their understanding of Colorado law and jurisdictional proceedings. Call the 303-841-9525 number for consultation.

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