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An Estate Lawyer Will Know What Kind Of Will Is Right For You

Yes, there are different types of wills for different types of estates. A simple will for instance, is perfectly fine for people who want to leave a straightforward bequest as to how their possessions should be distributed. Even though it is basic, a simple will must comply with state law. If you have a living Read More

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A Grand Jury Investigation Is Conducted To Interpret The Evidence

Grand juries differ from trial juries. The members of a trial jury are charged with the task of deciding the guilt or innocence of a defendant who has been accused of committing a crime. A grand jury’s job is to determine if there is enough evidence to prove that a crime has indeed been committed Read More

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A Real Estate Attorney Can Offer Invaluable Advice

If you’re ready to sell your property there is more to consider than you may know. Both the Federal and State governments mandate certain requirements in the form of disclosure laws. So before you hang out that “For Sale By Owner” sign you may want to seek the advice of a real estate attorney. If Read More

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There Are Some Procedures That Must Be Followed After A Persons Death

Dealing with the death of a loved one is a difficult part of life. Apart from their grief family members are left to deal with the business affairs of the deceased. Probate is a judicial process having to do with the validation of a will and the realization of its terms. Any obligations or taxes Read More

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Criminal Law Is Defined By Degree

A criminal lawyer deals with “crimes against the people.” These kinds of crimes are prosecuted by the state or federal courts whereas a tort, or civil wrong may or may not be taken to court. Whether or not to pursue a civil case is up to the injured party involved. Even though the two types Read More

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Harassment Must Meet Certain Criteria In Order To Be Considered Illegal

If you are having a hard time at work because of an arrogant or overbearing boss, you may have to find a way to cope with it or try to find a different job. Criminal harassment is specifically defined under the Fair Employment Law. It has to be determined that an employer is discriminating against Read More

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A Defendant Has Constitutional Rights And Legal Options

Once you have been formally accused of a crime you become the defendant. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to offer up a defense. You also have the option to “remain silent” and make the prosecution prove that you are guilty. If you think your chances of being convicted are pretty good, you can Read More

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Plan Well To See That Your Will Is Carried Out As You Wished

Probate is the legal term for the way an estate is administered through the justice system. When a person dies their estate – their personal possessions and properties – is left behind. A probate court is set up to organize and disburse those properties according to the terms specified in the will. The first step Read More

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Look For A Lawyer That Is Experienced In Every Phase Of The Bankruptcy Process

According to bankruptcy law once you file with the court, your creditors are immediately prohibited from harassing you. This is called an “automatic stay,”and it means an end to the constant phone calls, bills in the mail and threats to your possessions or livelihood. That may sound great, but there are some exceptions to every Read More

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There Is More Than One Defense Against A Drug Charge

If you are charged with possession of an illegal drug your lawyer will have a choice of defenses to enter on your behalf. The specific circumstances of your situation will help him determine which one to use. Unlawful search and seizure is one possible defense. In order for it to work, your attorney will have Read More

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